The Legend Of Vanx Malic Books V Viii Bundle The Legend Grows Stronger

The Legend Of Vanx Malic Books V Viii Bundle The Legend Grows Stronger

Through the Wildwood starts this entire ten book series. The first four titles of the series may be observed collectively in the Omnibus Anthology: “To Kill A Witch” those first 4 Vanx Malic novels received the 2017 American book Fest Award for Fiction: myth, and were a 2015 Kindle ebook Award Semifinalist. The collection received a lot of attention that the outstanding Larry Elmore, the artist who painted almost each dungeon and Dragons photo you have ever seen, offered the cover for ebook ten, which went directly to win a 2017 Readers favored Award. — virtual Wizard

Through the Wildwood

A 1/2-Pythian bard named Vanx is in chains for bedding the Duchess of Highlake. The Duke desires him lifeless, but his wife secretly sent their daughter to shop for his freedom from the slave markets. This is terrible information, for bad matters can take place to a sick guarded caravan within the mountains. When the duke’s mercenaries assault to kill the adulterous prisoner, all hell breaks unfastened. Now, the most effective manner Vanx and the Princess of Highlake can escape the duke, and his men are that if they could find one way or the other make it through the Wildwood, a place that nobody has ever returned from before…

Dragon Isle

Vanx, Trevin, and Darbon, along side Prince Russet and the crew of the Sea Hawk, sail to Vanx’s hometown to discover an antique pal who simply would possibly recognize the wyrm lore needed to make their quest to Dragon Isle seem survivable.

Meanwhile, Coll and Duke Martin have set their shadowy schemes in motion in Dyntalla wherein Quazar is maintaining the princess from demise with all he has.

What is going to King Oakarm do approximately Duke Martin’s treachery while he arrives? Will Matty the one-exceeded whore get her want? Can high Wizards of the Royal Order preserve off the ogres, and the even darker element that is seeking the Bloodstone? And what will occur on Dragon Isle, wherein our hero and his pals have grown to be little more than prey below the unveiling light of Aur’s Moon?


Deep inside the Lurr wooded area, there may be a valley referred to as Saint Elm’s Deep. This mystery valley remains in a perpetual kingdom of spring and hosts the heaps of fae who stay there. The heart Tree’s magic sustains the boundaries that guard them all and their lush woodland. However, the Hoar Witch has poisoned its roots.

Queen Corydalis needs a certain shard to forged a beckoning so that the Emerald-eyed Champion of lore might come and save them all, for he is the most effective one who can quit the Hoar Witch. If they hope to store the coronary heart Tree, that deed has to be accomplished.

Join Thorn, Bristle, and Barb, the Pixie Queen’s fiercest, smartest and most loyal elves as they take a thrilling journey out in their included global into authentic Overland, wherein hazard hides around every nook, and the whole lot they have got ever cherished is at stake.

Saint Elm’s Deep

After locating a map on a grueling hunt, Vanx and his new partners decide to tour deep into the Bitterpeaks, in which a fabled hoar witch’s crystal palace supposedly sits hidden in a valley known as Saint Elm’s Deep.

The tale deepens, as we delve into Vanx’s past and the future of as not going a group of heroes as you’ll ever find. Movement and adventure, drama and thrills, and a barrel keg full of fantasy journey look forward to readers in Saint Elm’s Deep, the 0.33 installment of The Legend of Vanx Malic.

That Frigid Fargin’ Witch

The hoar witch and her forest complete of malformed creatures await Vanx and his curious organization of partners as they are attempting to store the fairy people and their magical coronary heart Tree from the powerful vintage crone and her evil.